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Tamara manahan

Founder & Creative Director | Tamara & Company

est. 2017

Tamara manahan

Founder & Creative Director | Tamara & Company

est. 2017








A blog about everyday life, pursuing purpose in business, living loved, and encouragement and inspiration for living a faith filled life.


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skin care

Skin care is so important to looking AND feeling younger! But, it’s hard to do well… hello, we are ALL busy people! I know you’ve got tons going on in your life and it’s just plain hard to find time to invest in your skin care. I also know no one wants to deal with […]

Music is just so good for the soul, right? I absolutely LOVE relaxing to a good playlist, especially when I have a client in my chair. I’ve found music to be so helpful to them… and ME! I’m sure you’ve heard about Spotify, a free (yes, seriously!!) music player that lets you stream music, news, […]

Why Your Tribe Matters

A sweet friendship refreshes the soul. -Proverbs 27:9 Throughout our lives, people come and people go but those who choose to show up and take life’s journey with you, that’s your tribe. In today’s business world, loving your tribe matters and it should, but I believe it’s so much bigger than building your tribe just […]

renewing habits for spring

Evaluating each habit in my life as winter fades to spring brings so much peace. Spring is such a beautiful time of the year! Aside from summer, it’s my favorite season (even if that’s because I know summer is close by!). Everything seems fresh, new, rejuvenating, and the change helps me shake off any winter […]

beauty tips

We all love feeling beautiful, don’t we? Having the right products makes all the difference in creating a great beauty routine that leaves you feeling confident, happy, and ready to face the world. And there’s really nothing more beautiful than confidence when it comes to outward beauty, right? I love finding new beauty products or tips! […]

art of balance

I love approaching a new year, the feel of a fresh, clean slate. About six weeks ago I began the process of reflecting on 2018 with all its victories and defeats. What really prompted the whole reflection process for me was the fact that I was feeling super burnt out! You see, working at a […]

Destress at Christmas + New Year's: 2 Simple Steps

Once upon a time… I had five kids. Still do! The Christmas countdown was on. Still is! Another year was coming to a close. Yep, that’s still the case. And I was stressed! NOT ANYMORE!!! It’s that time of year when people are putting all kinds of pressure on themselves…from getting last-minute holiday shopping done […]

Crafting a Captivating Instagram Bio: 6 Simple Steps (+FREE Worksheet)

Want to grab the attention of those who land on your Instagram page? Well then, you better have a captivating bio. With over one billion monthly active users on Instagram, it’s imperative that you make sure you craft a profile that stops people in their tracks. And whatever you do, make sure it quickly tells […]

Four Things Marriage Has Taught Me

Ever since I was a little girl I knew I wanted to grow up, get married, and have a family. I thought it would be fun and beautiful. We’d spend all our time doing adventurous things together and life would be good. It would be just like the fairy tales I loved. Some handsome man […]

Microblading: The Real Truth

I get it ladies, we all have our reflection hang-ups. You know, those things we notice when we look in the mirror that we wish we didn’t see…our wrinkles, dark under eye circles (this is my bad self-talk), breakouts, and eyebrows that drive us mad. Or lack thereof. You see, the real truth is some […]