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Tamara manahan

Founder & Creative Director | Tamara & Company

est. 2017

Tamara manahan

Founder & Creative Director | Tamara & Company

est. 2017








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3 Eye-Popping Beauty Tips

We all love feeling beautiful, don’t we? Having the right products makes all the difference in creating a great beauty routine that leaves you feeling confident, happy, and ready to face the world. And there’s really nothing more beautiful than confidence when it comes to outward beauty, right? I love finding new beauty products or tips! It’s so much fun to try them myself, or simply learn about something new. You never know when you’ll want to change your look or mix up your routine; me…ALL THE TIME (you can see that easily by my ever-changing hair)! Here are 3 beauty tips to really make your eyes POP!


Winged Eyeliner Stamp

So, this stamp is one of the coolest ideas I have seen in a long time! Perfecting the “winged” look with your eyeliner can be really hard. It’s easy to put on too much and for it to come out uneven. With this uniquely designed product, you don’t have to worry about that.

This is, literally, a little stamp with a winged shape. Such a cool invention!!  Apply your favorite liquid eyeliner to the stamp, press on your eyelid and… voila! Perfect wings. The stamps come in a soft, classic shape and a more pointed, dramatic option. 

Magnetic Eyelashes 

If you’ve always wanted to try extensions or a lift, but are afraid of the commitment, these are a perfect way to test out longer lashes.

Traditionally, artificial lashes use glue to adhere to your eyelid. They are notorious for being messy, difficult to adjust, and can hurt your natural lashes if removed improperly.

Magnetic lashes give the glue-based version a new competitor! They come in two thin strips which sandwich your natural lashes and adhere to each other with tiny magnets. You use a special clamping tool to apply (although I don’t recommend it…simply tweezers work much better in my opinion), then they’ll sit right on your natural lash line.

I tried the KISS brand and thought they were really great! You can find them on Amazon here.

Unlike glue, they won’t hurt your regular lashes and are a fast, easy way to get the luscious lashes you’ve always dreamed of having! Simple on (after a bit of practice) and simple off 🙂

White Eyeliner 

Do you struggle with your eyes looking tired or less vibrant? Try using white eyeliner!

This clever trick is a favorite with beauty experts and perfect for making your eyes look wider and brighter. Simply take a white liner pencil and gently trace along your waterline. Use your regular liner on the outside lash line and your eyes will POP!

A good brand to try is the NYC Mechanical Eye Pencil, available on Amazon here!

White eyeliner also can help emphasize your lips. Lightly trace around the outside of your Cupid’s bow before applying lipstick to really define your lips for a perfectly pouty look.


What are your favorite beauty tips or products? I’m all about fun and new ideas, so please share a comment with some of your favorites.


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