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Tamara manahan

Founder & Creative Director | Tamara & Company

est. 2017

Tamara manahan

Founder & Creative Director | Tamara & Company

est. 2017








A blog about everyday life, pursuing purpose in business, living loved, and encouragement and inspiration for living a faith filled life.


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Learning the Art of ‘Balance’

I love approaching a new year, the feel of a fresh, clean slate.

About six weeks ago I began the process of reflecting on 2018 with all its victories and defeats. What really prompted the whole reflection process for me was the fact that I was feeling super burnt out! You see, working at a neck breaking pace for the past couple years to grow my permanent makeup business, Tamara & Company, had become the norm and it surely has paid off. But what began as a simple moving of the Spirit and answer to His call grew to be more than I ever realized it would be. Along with that growth came more responsibility and greater demands on my time. I’ve been an entrepreneur for a VERY long time and I know firsthand the demands of running a business, so that was no surprise. But you see, what I didn’t do well was maintain a level of balance as we grew; I’m kinda’ a full throttle gal, if you know what I mean. I’ve never really been great at slow and steady, although I totally believe in it and I know it works.

During our first couple years I tackled lots of ‘new things’, many of which had to do with technology, which is NOT my favorite when it comes to learning, mainly because I find it to be a time suck!! I’m surely part of the problem, though, because I also don’t do anything halfway, which I’m sure had a bunch to do with why I was feeling so burnt out. When I tackle anything new I go ALL OUT!! I have this desire to know everything… now! Let me tell you what, it’s exhausting! 

Thank goodness my mind and body required me to halt! Too bad it came with a couple weeks of illness before and during the holidays, but I guess I just needed to be ‘put on hold’ so I could ‘get a hold’ of myself. During that time of reflection and reevaluation, what I realized is there was NO WAY I could keep going at the pace I had been going, so I put some things in place for a more peace-filled 2019, things I should’ve done a long time ago.

  1. Realizing there are only so many hours in one day and I’m not a robot. Crazy, right?! I vowed to no longer work twelve to fourteen hour days, so my to do list is much shorter each day.
  2. I turned of notifications on my phone…gasp!! Welcome less interruptions and more efficiency 🙂
  3. I committed to no longer being a bully to me. I realized I’m my own worst enemy if I’m not careful. I’m done putting pressure on myself. I’m a human being, not a human doing! This means I have to sometimes say ‘no’ to things I might actually want to do. 
  4. Me time is now a regular scheduled occurrence on my calendar, and I love it! More importantly… I deserve it!
  5. Date nights with the hubby and outings with the kiddos and family are on the calendar, too! After all, life is short, and unfortunately I know this very personally.

During my time of reflection I took a good hard look at my personal life and my business and what I wanted each to look like. I want to be a blessing to my family, my clients and the growing team we’re building at Tamara & Company, to spend time making memories with those I love. and to make a positive impact in the world.

All these things take time and they’re all important to me, but they won’t all happen without BALANCE… my 2019 guiding word! I vow to dedicate time to all the things that give my live meaning and purpose.

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