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Tamara manahan

Founder & Creative Director | Tamara & Company

est. 2017

Tamara manahan

Founder & Creative Director | Tamara & Company

est. 2017








A blog about everyday life, pursuing purpose in business, living loved, and encouragement and inspiration for living a faith filled life.


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Microblading: The Real Truth

I get it ladies, we all have our reflection hang-ups. You know, those things we notice when we look in the mirror that we wish we didn’t see…our wrinkles, dark under eye circles (this is my bad self-talk), breakouts, and eyebrows that drive us mad. Or lack thereof. You see, the real truth is some women just want brows, any brows would be better than no brows!! What, no brows?! I didn’t even realize this was a real life problem when I first started microblading. I thought no brows were reserved for chemo patients. Which was exactly why I started microblading in the first place. You can read more about that here.

There’s a reason the art of microblading is trending and it’s not just because women want ‘brows on point’, although there’s not a thing in the world wrong with that and I’m sure it does contribute to the overall success of one’s business, but the truth is…it fulfills a need. I know, I know…there are needs and there are wants, and I guess you could argue that brows are wants, but for the sake of this discussion, I’m going to call them needs.


I’m calling it a need for a reason, for some women it makes them feel whole. It’s why I wanted to launch a blog in the first place (you can read more about that here). You see, I wanted the world to know that women come to me not because they’re all about that make up life, but because they’re not!

They have real-life challenges that center around hair loss.

Things like…

thinning brow hair as a result of over tweezing or over waxing,



diseases (cancer, thyroid diseases, trichotillomania, etc….),

and sometimes it happens for no apparent reason at all. Their eyebrow hair just won’t grow and it never has or it’s patchy and it always has been.

This art is trending because there is a great need in the world for it AND because women don’t like the time it takes to use cosmetics to craft brows on their face every morning, which often end up being less than on point. Seriously, women tell me this all the time!

You see, women want to wake up with that ready to tackle the world feeling, not the time to head to the bathroom to put my brows on burden. And we’d all love a little more peace and extra coffee or tea time in the morning, but the reality is feeling beautiful matters to us so we ‘do the thing’ that’s needed. I’m not really sure who invented this fine art or why (although the nerd in me is now going to have to go check that out because, ya’ know, that’s just the way my brain works) but I feel certain even without researching the topic that it was invented to solve a problem. And solve a problem it does!

My passion for this art just continues to grow as I see the positive effect it has on the way women feel about themselves. It gives them confidence. And I totally get it because I’ve listened to women from all walks of life! I’ve worked on hundreds of clients and I’ve seen lots of eyebrows and it’s been eye-opening to talk to these women and hear how important their brows are to them and what a huge impact it has on their confidence. I’m serious! Eyebrows are no joke!!

These are real women with real stories…and I’m hoping to share some of these stories with you. Not every woman I see wants to share her brow story, but there are definitely some that want to link arms with our mission of empowering women everywhere. Those who want other women to know that they’re not alone.

Stay tuned…


  1. I could not agree more. I’m one of those women whose eyebrows for some reason decided to move out without giving me so much as a month’s notice in writing. I’m naturally fair haired, but the past 7 or 8 years my eyebrows have almost completely gone.

    It bothers me a lot and this is why I’m really hoping microblading is the perfect solution. I’m so tired of being embarrassed to answer the door on my downtime because I “don’t have my eyebrows on”.

    • Tamara Manahan says:

      I have no idea how this comment got lost in cyberspace and I’m just now seeing it!! It’s the craziest thing… how eyebrows just up and take a hike! Microblading could be a perfect solution for you. If you haven’t had your brows done yet, I just announced a GIVEAWAY on my Facebook (Tamara & Company) AND Instagram (@TheSavvyBrowpreneur) pages and I’d love for you to enter to win!! My best to you and thank you for sharing your heart in this space. It is helpful for other women to know they are not alone <3

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